Espoo GP 10.6.2021

The event program might be updated due COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Preliminary events:

Men’s events

200m, 800m, 110m h, 400m h, High Jump, Triple Jump, Hammer, Pole Vault and 5000m Race Walk.

Women’s events

100m, 800m, 3000m, 100m h, 400m h, Long Jump, Discus, Shot Put and 3000m Race Walk.

Athletes – registration please contact:  Athlete Liason – Tuomo Salonen, Domestic athletes registration thru


A events:Hammer Men and 100mh Women (1000e-600e-400e-300e-200e)
B events: Men: 800m, 110mh, 400mh, High Jup and Polevault – Women: 800m, 3000m, 400mh, Discus and Shot Put (600e-300e-100e)
C events: Men: 200m and Triple Jump – Women: 100m, Long Jump – both Race Walks (300e-200e-100e)