Men: 100m, 400m, 1500m, 110m h., 400m h, longjump, 3-jump, shot put, hammer throw, 100m wheelchair racing, para javelin
Women: 200m, 800m, 5000m, 400m h., 3-jump, hammer throw, para javelin, javelin, 100m wheelchair racing


Domestic athletes sign up via kilpailukalenteri.fi/, foreign athletes are registered in the registration system by the organizer. More information from Janne Vehmaa (--> “Contact us”)

Registration open until 10th July 2024.

The organizers have the right to limit the participations. We will notify the athletes in the queue after the end of the registration period. Possible cancellation of participation should be done as soon as possible by contacting Janne Vehmaa. Irrevocable absence = six times registration fee.

Preferred amount of Athletes

M 100 m: 24 (3 qualifying rounds and the final)
M 110 m hurdles: 16 (2 qualifying rounds and the final)
M 400 m: 8 (A-heat) + 8 (B-heat)
M 1500 m: 16 (A-heat) + 16 (B-heat)
M Triple jump: max 10
M Long jump: max 10
M Hammer throw: max 10

M Shot put: max 10
M Wheel javelin: max 10
W 200 m: 16 (2 qualifying rounds)
W 800 m: 8+8 (A+B heat)
W 400 m hurdles: 8 (A-heat) + 8 (B-heat)
W 1500 m: 16 (A-heat only)
W triple jump: max 10
W Hammer: max 10

W javelin: max 10

If the discipline was not mentioned, the amount of athletes is not restricted.

The Prize Money