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Motonet GP Espoo18.8.2019 
Final timetable  
16:45M Discus  
17:30M  Long Jump  
17:25M 800mD-final 
18:15M  Pole Vault  
17:30W 800mD-final 
17:50M / W Javelinseated parajavelin
17:35M 800mC-final 
17:40W 800mC-final 
17:45M 800mB-final 
17:50W 800mB-final 
18:10W  Discus  
18:05W 400m hB-final 
18:13M 400m hB-final 
18:45W High Jump  
18:27M 200mB-final 
18:30Opening ceremony  
18:40W 100m3 heats 
19:00M  800mA-final 
19:15W 100m h2 heats 
19:35W Triple Jump  
19:30M / W 100m wheelchairT53-54 
19:50M  Javelin  
19:35M 100m wheelchairT51-52 
19:45W 800mA-final 
19:55W 100mFinal 
20:05M  200m wheelchairT51-52 
20:10M / W  200m wheelchairT53-54 
20:20W 100m hFinal 
20:30M  200mA-final 
20:40W 400m hA-final 
20:50M 400m hA-final 
Preliminary timetable 
16:30M Discus 
17:40M  Long Jump 
17:50M / W Javelinparajavelin
17:50W  400m hB-final
18:00M  400m hB-final
18:10M 800mB-final
18:15W 800mB-final
18:15W  Discus 
18:25M 200mC+B heats
18:25W  High Jump 
18:30Opening ceremony
18:40W  100m3 heats
18:50M  Pole Vault 
19:05W  100m hheats
19:20M / W  100mwheelchair
19:25W Triple Jump 
19:35W 800mA-final
19:40M  800mA-final
19:50W  100mFinal
19:50M  Javelin 
20:00W  100m hFinal
20:10M / W  200mwheelchair
20:25M 200mA-final
20:40W  400m hA-final
20:50M  400m hA-final