-Registration must be completed by August 18, 2022. The registration fee must be paid before the competition. €15 / species.
To account FI 6856200920092581.

ATHLETE PARKING: There is no separate athlete parking for competitions. We recommend athletes to park in the closest ones
to parking areas, such as Urheilutalo (Pohjolankatu 29, 53100), Myllysaari parking area
(Myllysaarenpolku, 53100) or Kauppakeskus Iso-Kristiinaa.

COMPETITION NUMBERS: Each athlete is given a competition number marked with number or “PACE”. The number tag is attached to the sportswear with the pins found in the envelope.

EQUIPMENT INSPECTION: The equipment inspection in the space at the south end of the field opens at 3 p.m. In throwing sports, your own throwing equipment and javelin must be brought for inspection no later than 90 minutes before the start time of your own sport. Throwing equipment will be returned after the race from the inspection area.

SHOE RULE: In Lappeenranta’s Motonet GP, footwear in accordance with WA rules must be worn. For more details about the shoe rules, visit the SUL pages WA shoe rules

World Athletics’ list of approved shoe models (6.5.22) and more specifically about the shoe rules.
The race organizer does not require the shoes to be reported on a separate form, but if requested, the athlete must be able to identify, for example, the brand, model, place of purchase, approved changes made, etc. of their shoes.

FIRST AID: First aid is located on the field on the front and back straights. In an emergency, call the emergency number 112.

DOPING TESTING: During the competition, doping tests are organized by SUEK ry. During the testing, the athlete must prove his identity with a passport or other official identity document. Also be prepared with a possible medical or other medical exemption document. Athletes will be notified of the test and will be escorted to the testing facilities from the performance location.


Athletes enter the field through the Call-Room.
Kimpinen’s gravel track, Kimpinen’s field is available for warm-up for the competition
the lower field on the north side and the Lappeenranta Sports Hall
with runners.
The changing rooms and toilets are located on the ground floor of the Kimpinen stadium. Athletes
it is recommended to put on the athletes’ uniforms before arriving at the competition venue, but
dressing rooms can be used for dressing.


Domestic athletes confirm their participation online no later than 90 minutes before the start of their sport.

Foreign athletes ensure their participation manually by picking up for their number in person at the competition office. 

Para-athletes do not have online confirmation, confirmation is done at the competition office or at 046 9222 808.

Confimation (Domestic Athletes):

Confirmation of participation is done electronically for all sports. Confirmation must be done 90 minutes before the start of your sport.

The confirmation of the runs ends at the same time for the heats.

The confirmation of the M 400m B lot ends at 16:55
The confirmation of the M 400m A lot ends at 19:05
The confirmation of the M 1500m B lot ends at 17:05
M 1500m A lot verification ends at 19:15

Link to confirmation:

– The code is the same for everyone: motonet248

In case of problems, contact the competition office. Verification also possible on site.


  • Race schedule and starting lists Check your information and schedule carefully online,
    which has the latest version. Live results link closer to the race.
  • On the morning of the race day, the time slots of the sports are confirmed.
    The calling time can be found in the race schedule, where you must arrive on time.
  • Athletes’ Call in is located in the tent in front of the maintenance building, from which the sports director escorts the athletes to the starting point.
  • Mobile phones and other devices prohibited by the rules must be kept closed
    in the athlete’s bag, and their use during the competition is prohibited.
  • The introduction of the athletes is done at the performance venue either by Yle or by event management.
  • After the finishing line of the running events, the athletes exit through Media’s Mixed Zone, where some athletes are interviewed. The Mixed Zone is located in Kimpinen’s covered area in the tent at the south end of the main stand.
  • Bar height gaps for women’s pole-vault:
    330, 345, 360, 375, 385, 395, 405, 415, 420, 425…