100m, 400m, 1500m, 5000m, 110m hurdles, long jump, spear, walking


100m, 1500m, 100m aj, 400m hurdles, rod, triple jump, hammer, spear, walking

Prize money:

Motonet GP 2022 / Prizes

  1. Motonet GP series competition:
    – The prize pool totals 18,000 euros
    1. € 10,000
    2. € 5,000
    3. € 3,000
    In the GP series of six races, the points scored by each athlete in the three different races will be added to the overall race. They are defined according to the International Federation of Athletics (WA) scoreboard, using a 25-point scale between results in the GP series (Score Motonet GP Series). Only one result from each GP competition for an athlete will be considered for the overall competition of the series. If the athletes end up in a tie, the winner is the one with the better score from one race.
    The competition only applies to Finnish athletes
  2. Investment bonuses:
    1. 500 €
    2. € 300
    3. € 200
    A total of 1000 € / species

Possible additional species:
1. 250 €
2. € 150
3. € 100
Total 500 € / species

Investment bonuses are paid to both Finnish and foreign athletes.

  1. Earnings bonuses:
    1. 1500 €
    2. 1000 €
    3. € 500

Result bonuses for the top three results in each GP competition. The top three results in the competition are determined by the WA leaderboard. A minimum score of 1000 points is required for the result bonus. The competition only applies to Finnish athletes.

The result bonus at 100 and 200 meters, the quick fences and the long jump and the triple jump also take into account the effect of the wind according to the scoring used by WA in the result ranking. (WA wind compensation)

4.SE bonus for Finnish athletes:
– € 1,000, € 3,000, € 5 per result based on the WA scoreboard.

You will receive a € 5,000 bonus on your SE score if you score more than 1,210 points on the WA table. The € 3,000 SE bonus requires a result that brings in 1120-1209 points and the € 1,000 SE bonus brings in a result that earns less than 1120 points.

  1. Athlete of the Day Race:
    – € 1,000 prize / race based on a YLE public vote for a Finnish athlete.

The Motonet GP series is televised by Yle, which, like last year, organizes an Athlete of the Day competition based on public voting in every race broadcast. The winner of the public vote will receive € 1,000 in each GP competition. The Athlete of the Day awards are sponsored by the race series title partner Motonet.